Goldstein Hall’s Litigation Group offers our clients an effective and cost-efficient way to resolve litigation disputes in all forums, from case inception, to motion practice, and, when necessary through trial and appeal. Our attorneys focus their practice in the areas of real estate litigation, commercial litigation, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) partnership disputes, construction disputes, alternative dispute resolution, trust and estate litigation, landlord tenant disputes and complex litigation. Recognizing that even a “small” case can have big implications, Goldstein Hall’s litigation attorneys tailor the prosecution or defense of each matter to aggressively achieve our client’s desired result.

Goldstein Hall’s litigators are seasoned at analyzing claims, developing a litigation strategy that considers each client’s unique circumstances and priorities and merges those concerns with the legal considerations that apply to the case. Our process results in working with our clients to develop the proper business solutions to the problems at hand.

Employing out-of-the-box solutions to the problems at hand often helps our clients in achieving early resolution of disputes before or in the beginning stages of litigation. We therefore encourage our clients to consult with our litigation group early on in the dispute process to allow our attorneys to work with you in a risk management capacity, potentially avoiding costly litigation before it can even begin.

When appeals are filed, our litigators are experienced enough to know that a different set of skills is required to navigate the appellate process. Our litigation team has successfully argued numerous appeals, several which have been cited as precedent in later cases.