Goldstein Hall established the Faith-Based Practice Group to address the unique needs of all faith-based organizations. After examining the issues facing faith-based development, we determined the following:


Faith-based organizations are instrumental in the revitalization and rejuvenation of their communities. For many faith-based organizations, it is their mission to serve their community. Services can range from affordable housing to soup kitchens to homeless shelters. For these reasons, faith-based organizations continue to be a catalyst for neighborhood preservation.


With property values rising across the country, many faith-based organizations have yet to realize the full potential of their land. Typically, a faith-based organization lacks the experience and expertise to leverage the value of their land to maximize return and to further their mission.


By appropriately leveraging their property, faith-based organizations can create long-lasting revenue, fund repairs and future maintenance, or fully redevelop their land while serving their community. Some of the ways a faith-based organization can accomplish their mission is by building new worship space, creating a community facility space, or by facilitating affordable housing projects.

Our Faith-Based Practice Group has unique expertise in working with the legal needs of faith-based organizations and with potential pitfalls of faith-based development, including:

  • Creating new nonprofit organizations
  • Forming of Community Development Corporations
  • Evaluating risks
  • Complying with Federal and state revenue regulations
  • Navigating the Attorney General and Supreme Court approval process
  • Drafting and reviewing corporate documents
  • Representing clients in court (if necessary)
  • Acquiring, constructing, financing, and disposing of religious real property
  • Merging faith-based organizations
  • Disputing resolution and workouts

Goldstein Hall is also listed as an approved vendor on HPD Owners Representative Pre-Qualified List.

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